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It started with a tweet from @editorslounge and by the end of the day had grown into the biggest piece of Final Cut Pro news since Larry Jordan dropped his jaw.

Make a date in your diary for next tuesday April 12th because if your work includes using Final Cut Pro then things are about to change.

We thought something was a up a day or two ago but couldn't quite peg what was going on. The tweet was the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle that gave us the news that the new Final Cut Pro will be demoed for the first time in public at the SuperMeet. Was it leaked on purpose by EditorsLounge? Only they know. They were also a lot braver than we were by sticking their head above the parapet.

The story then grew. On Twitter is was being reported that Apple had taken over the entire SuperMeet and that Avid had pulled out anyway. Looking again at the original tweet it says that the event will be held at the Aria, not Bally's. It sure looks like the Aria has enough room for a lot of prospective SuperMeeters.

More rumours and tweets which can be nicely summed up here, including the cancellation of 5D God Philip Bloom. I was looking forward to a Vegas Strip timelapse too.

The rumours are going to continue no doubt right up to the event or when Apple or the SuperMeet organisers advertise what is really going on.

Somethings to think about though:

    What happens to all the presenters that have been booked? 
    People have bought the tickets on the basis of seeing the speakers, probably be more interested in FCP though
    Will the live feed still go ahead?
    Will the raffle still go ahead?
    Will it be called the FCPSupermeet like it used to?
    Will somebody do a Hitler's downfall video?  "What Avid pulled out too? Dam them!"

    More information when we know it.

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