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Show 10 is upon us and we have a great lineup. We will be talking about  Post Production World Online - including how to enter the sweepstake to win a ticket. We also find out how quickly kids adapt to filmmaking using iOS devices and FCPX through The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

It will be a packed show today, split into two, we will be talking about Post Production World Online and then the amazing work done by The Orphaned Starfish Foundation.

You can watch online on YouTube, or join in on the Zoom webinar here. We are having a half hour 'after show' chat on Zoom that won't be broadcast on YouTube.

The show starts 1000 Los Angeles, 1300 New York, 1800 London, 1900 Paris and 0300 (plus a day) Sydney.


In the first half of the webinar, we welcome Liat Kozuch, the Post Production World Online organiser who will tell us more about how this online event is replacing the normal sessions at NAB.

She will be joined by Brad Jones from Kin who will be presenting during the event. Brad wrote one of our popular FCPX user stories about Kin, it's well worth a read.

Hopefully conference 'ringmaster' Jeff Greenberg will be in on the Zoom webinar as well.

Also don't miss the chance to win one of 10 free passes to the event in our giveaway sweepstake! 


For the second half, we look at the work of the The Orphaned Starfish Foundation. Set up to help children at risk, they have found that storytelling with video is a perfect way to help them break out of the cycle of abuse.

We will be joined by the Foundation's founder and executive chairman Andy Stein, Orlando Luna from Apple and Cirina Catania who published the recent podcast. 

Worth tuning in just to hear Orlando describe how quickly the kids pick up FCPX.


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