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When Mike Matzdorff writes to you saying you should check out a new piece of software, you know it is going to work well. He's been using an audio noise reduction plugin from Klevgrand called Brusfri

Mike has got a pretty good track record when it comes to finding new software to work with FCPX. He liked Simon Says so much, they ended up offering him a job!

He very kindly sent us this email:

I have been doing some experimentation with working on a Podcast and trying to do the whole thing on my iPad. I have been successful in this endeavor, and in the process discovered some really awesome inexpensive tools, among them a noise reducer. It’s named Brusfri and made by a company named Klevgrand. I think I found it on some blog about other people trying to also work on their iPads.

Honestly I don’t remember where!

Anyway I decided to demo the version of the same for software on my Mac, and because it is an audio unit, it shows up in Final Cut Pro 10, as you know my weapon of choice.

I think this is a worthy tool to introduce to the FCPX community, as a great alternative to the other popular noise reducers. And it works great on an iPad as well, for those editing audio there. I am currently using Ferrite to do that.

Tobias Engström from Klevgrand also got in touch:

We are a software company that focuses on mainly producing sound plugins/tools for the music industry. (Also gaming industry actually but those tools are not open to the public )

We have a number of plug-ins that are lately getting a lot of great response among "film/post production"-people :) - where our noise reduction plugin "Brusfri" is the most popular one. 

We have lately had a lot of bigger orders from production companies here in Sweden but also international players.

Apparently Brusfri is really great in quickly removing background noise in dialogue etc without effecting the quality of the sound.

This had made me want to explore the possibilities in this area/post production/film more, hence my contact with Mike.


So a few things that spring to mind here. First is the competitive pricing of Brusfri at $59.

Second is the annoying habit of a similar popular noise reduction plugin not working with the latest Mac OS. Could this fill the void left by a software developer not keeping pace with updates?

With Brusfri, there's a watermarked demo version available on the website if you would like to try it out. Please let us know in the comments below if you've tried it out.

Whilst browsing their comprehensive range of effect plugins and instruments, we came across Wizibel, an audio visualiser. If Klevgrand made that into an FCPX plugin, they would have a winner on their hands!




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