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Color Finale 2 for Final Cut Pro X has been released. Join us with the Commercial Director, developer of CF2 along with Sarah K Euschen on our YouTube live chat at 1800 GMT.

Today ColorTrix Ltd. announced Color Finale 2, a large update to the popular colour grading plugin for FCPX.

color finale 2 FCPX banner

In our live YouTube chat at 1800 GMT, Mike Grieve and Dmitry Lavrov will join Sarah K Euschen who has been testing CF2 out. 

So with the new colour wheels in FCPX 10.4, why the need for Color Finale 2? Mike Grieve, Commercial Director at ColorTrix explains that the new tools in the update take the grading capabilities to a higher level.

When you look at the new feature list, you can understand, especially as it could avoid the picture locked round trip to third party grading software.

  • Masking – shape based and free form keying for selective color grading
  • Area Tracker – track masks on moving picture elements
  • Film Emulation Tools – add customizable digital grain
  • Shot Matching toolset – semi-automate primary color correction for shot matching
  • LUT Manager – auto-locate, live preview, and export of LUTs and Presets
  • Modern Sharpening algorithm – enhance perception of focus in soft areas of shots
  • Video Analysis Tools – locate and correct technical image anomalies 

color finale 2 FCPX 01

Chris Hocking from LateNite Films was impressed when he saw Color Finale 2. (FCPX user story here)

“Wow, Amazing ! You’ve done some incredible work there – very impressed ! I wish we had this a few months ago when we graded a TV series in FCPX ! One of our biggest FCPX frustrations is the lack of mask tracking for colour grading, so this will be a massive help”. 

Color Finale is available in two versions. Colour Finale 2 at $99 and Colour Finale Pro at $149. There are also upgrades from previous versions available.


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