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Frame.io is one of the first three companies that has released a workflow extension for Final Cut Pro 10.4.4. Now you can access the popular online review tools directly from within FCPX

We have been a fan of the online review tools in Frame.io since its release. FCPX was the first NLE that they collaborated with and today Frame.io expands that interoperability with the most advanced tools in any of the creative apps. The Frame.io workflow extension is available on the Mac App Store today.

“Frame.io in Final Cut Pro X enables editors to access the full Frame.io experience from within Final Cut Pro X; they can track progress, review work with teams, respond to comments and annotations, and even batch upload and download content,” explains Emery Wells, co-founder and CEO of Frame.io. “Our customers have come to rely on Frame.io’s review and collaboration offering, so having these tools within Final Cut Pro X means they’re not switching context to collaborate with their team or partners. They’re able to iterate very quickly on projects and stay focused on evolving their creative vision. 

frameio fcpx update 001

This is a huge leap not only Frame.io but for Apple as well because the extension is only one of three that Apple has announced on the release of the Final Cut Pro 10.4.4 update.

The app feels like it is an extension to the functionality within FCPX and a lot of care has been taken to make the extension look and feel correct.

  • Upload your timeline or individual clips to Frame.io to share with clients for approval 
  • Know the instant your client is reviewing your work — and even when they're typing
  • Get precise feedback when it matters with frame-specific comments and annotations
  • Use Frame.io as your cloud-based library for importing source assets or auto-generated proxies into Final Cut Pro X

The latter of the bullet points looks interesting as there has been a big move to make the proxy workflow better within FCPX allowing for remote editing with lighter weight proxies.

Frame.io has put togther this tutorial video that runs through all the main features and how they work.

It all looks very slick, Frame.io has spent a lot of time trying to get the user experience right within FCPX. I think we might come back and take another look at the combination once the dust gas settled on the 10.4.4 update. In the meantime we have a few GIFs of the extension in action.

AnimaticDrag and dropmedia 

Just drag and drop media into the workflow extension in Final Cut Pro X

AnimaticCollaboratereal time

Collaboration in real time. Very handy to see exactly where the client is looking in the sequence!


Playhead in FCPX syncs with Frame.io viewer. Quite odd when you se this happen for the first time, but invaluable if you have a long project timeline.


Comments can be put onto he timeline by dragging a compound clip from the extension.



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