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We have been to the previous three and can tell you first hand, if you are interested in Final Cut Pro X, this is the event of the year to attend.

Future Media Concepts are again hosting a FCPX Creative Summit this year in Cupertino California. The event will take place over three days, November 16 to 18th 2018, and will consist of many sessions, an expo night and of course a trip to the Apple campus.

appletrip insta

Register for the 2018 FCXP Creative Summit.

Last year's summit was the first time any news about the FCPX 10.4 update was allowed to be published. So without predicting the future too far, we can probably say that attendees will be given a glimpse into any new features that might make it into 10.5.

We also saw the iMac Pro for the first time, it looked impressive playing unrendered 8K in an FCPX timeline. Will we see any new hardware? It would be an ideal opportunity to get a first look at the new modular Mac Pro. We can only hope!

However, the main reason to go is to learn from the many FCPX professionals that will be presenting at the conference during the packed session schedule.

“FCPX Creative Summit is designed for intermediate to advanced users of FCPX and Motion, who wish to maximize their creativity and efficiency to achieve high-end visual results” stated Future Media Concepts’ President and Co-founder, Ben Kozuch. “To enhance the experience, we’ve created a perfect blend of training, expo and social networking, including working closely with Apple to host a day at the Apple Campus with the FCPX Product Team.”

This year, things are slightly different, one bit of good news is that the price has been reduced! 

FMC has lowered the cost from $1,095 for new attendees to $895. Alumni will still have access to a discount of $100, bringing their cost to $795. Alumni should contact Daniel for the discount, there is an email link on the registration page.

A $45 pass is available for those wishing to attend the Expo event only. The evening event will have vendors showcasing FCPX products and it's also a great opportunity to catch up with all the attendees and presenters. Hopefully Dylan from Stupid Raisins will be baking his cookies live at the show again! 

Also different this year, attendees will not book the Juniper hotel with FMC. Instead, there will be a link on the website for attendees to book at a discounted rate of $149, which is also $50 cheaper/night than last year. (Link not yet live.)

jeff robin fcpxJeff Greenberg, Program Manager on the left with presenter Robin Moran outside the Juniper Hotel

So get booking, we thoroughly recommend attending the summit!



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