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Wow! Two great bits of FCP news in two days. The new MacBook Pros that have been released today feature 'Thunderbolt' Apples branding of Light Peak technology from Intel.

The inclusion of a Thunderbolt port on the new machines has been rumoured for quite a long time now, only the name changed from Light Peak to Thunderbolt over the last few days. How fast is this new I/O? We had been given the example of being able to copy a Blu-ray disk in 30 seconds.

But what would this mean for FCP? Hot off the press is some information from Apple, this is how they will demo Thunderbolt & FCP

"At press demos we will show an external Promise desktop RAID unit connected using Thunderbolt running 4 streams uncompressed HD on the 15" in FCP peaking at 600MB/s.It is also daisy chained to a 27" display."

Also it sounds like third parties have been readying their peripherals for NAB -

"Welcome to the future, Thunderbolt technology enables the fastest and simplest I/O for connecting AJA's award-winning professional video capture and playback products to your laptop."– John Abt, CEO, AJA

"Thunderbolt technology will revolutionize mobile media creation. It's a game-changer and will accelerate our ability to build the highest quality video creation products that are affordable to everyone."
– Grant Petty, CEO, Blackmagic

Doesn't this make fibre channel look old and expensive? Maybe the decision to drop the XServe and back off supporting shared storage means that Thunderbolt might just be the answer to HD collaborative workflows.

We won't be buying another MacPro until it has a Thunderbolt port, that's for sure.

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