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Roger from Coremelt has very kindly given us a sneaky peak at a new plugin that is coming out this summer. PaintX is a tracked paint tool plugin that will work inside FCPX

One of the pieces of news that didn't really make it off the NAB show floor was the preview from Coremelt of a new plugin that will be released in the Summer.

Roger very kindly got in touch to give us a little information and a quick Screenflow demo of what PaintX can do:

 "Our new tracked paint tool is going to enable super fast fix ups, like we mean taking less than a minute to fix some commonly faced issues when you are doing finishing on an edit. Examples include beauty touch up work, hiding unwanted objects, simple warp effects, or fixing other technical issues (moire, anti aliasing, focus issues).

You can do some of these things with our other tracking products, but we think they'll be faster in PaintX and there are other things with PaintX which are unique. For example you will be able to animate brush strokes on and off (with tracking still), plus have different paint strokes tracking different parts of the image, all within one plugin. There will be other unique features but we have save some surprises still!"

No news on pricing yet, but the plugin will be available in the summer.

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