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A new app from Marquis Broadcast allows users to media manage FCPX Projects to just the media used on a Project timeline. We take the WORX4 X beta for a quick spin. (Spoiler- We already think it's great)

Ever since Final Cut Pro X was released, we have been asking about proper media management. Yes, there is the facility to consolidate used clips to a new drive, but that involved swopping the media  locations. Hardly a one click procedure. The big disappointment was that it copied whole clips, even if you had only used 2 seconds out of 30 minutes!

Marquis Broadcast has developed an application called WORX4 X that takes a Project XML, copies and trims the used media (with user definable handles) to a new location with a new Project XML linked to the trimmed media. With a bit of tweaking, you can also set this up as an export location. If the company name sounds familiar, you would be right as they are also the developers behind X2PRO.

Although the application hasn't been released yet, we decided to give the beta a go and see if it had really answered our media managing problems.

There are some caveats with WORK4 X.

You cannot use RED media at the moment, uncompressed audio & retimed clips take the whole clip as do sync clips. Unfortunately, it looks like QuickTime reference movies also are not trimmed. 

So what better to test out WORK4 X than a corporate job made almost entirely of camera originals (not RED).

The final project below was an edit of about four and a half minutes. You can see it is made up of short sections from a lot of interviews.

(Right click for larger images)


Exporting that Project XML into WORK4 X shows that the Project can be trimmed down from 92.5 GB to 4.83 GB!

Only one thing for it, hit the button!


WORK4X managed to copy and trim all the media from this sequence in about one and a half minutes.


The new trimmed media is placed in your destination choice. The text file is a report on the start size & end size of the project, which clips have been trimmed & which clips have been copied. As you can see, the new folder reflects the new size of the project media. 


Just to test, we closed the original Library, made a new library and then imported the XML of the new project. 


It nearly all worked perfectly. Everything was there apart from the interview sound, which is pretty important! The trimmed clips in the folder have audio, but apart from the first interview, the audio  doesn't appear on the Project clips in the Primary Storyline. This might be because the project originated in 10.2.3.

We will feed back this issue to Marquis. A shame as the copying & trimming even retained all the audio levels and fades in the secondary storylines. This is a beta and strange things do happen.



WORX4 X is VERY good news for FCPX users. Not only does it add back the much needed trimming media managing function that we were so dependent on in FCP7, it has also been thought out well. Making an XML of the new Project means you can bring old Projects straight back into new Libraries. 

It is still in Beta, so some of the limitations might be lifted when the application is launched. Hopefully the audio bug will be fixed too. When fixed & released, it is a real no-brainer purchase for FCPX users to want to keep separate copies of their finished masters. No word on price yet.

So a good start, we are looking to test out much more complicated Projects with WORX4 X - it will be interesting to see how it copes with complex multicams for example.

We will be attending BVE tomorrow (Tuesday 28th) where we hope to speak to Marquis Broadcast who are on stand K52. We might see you there!


We did indeed speak to Chris and Simon from Marquis at the BVE show in London. A few extra things we found out;

  • The app should be available from NAB time
  • Slomos such as 50% should work ok, complex retiming with reverse speeds probably won't work.
  • They are actively looking at getting sync clips to work before release.
  • QuickTime Reference files are a challenge, no immediate fix but they are looking at it. (Sorry EVS users)


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