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Phil and Greg from Intelligent Assistance are two of the brightest guys out when it comes to adding functionality to FCPX, especially in the XML department! So when they sent us information about their new $19.99 app called FindrCat, we were excited to take a look.

A conversation with Ben Brodbeck at the recent FCPX Summit in Cupertino gave Phil and Greg the idea for this new application. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to search through all your media for your Final Cut Pro X Keywords without needing Final Cut Pro X? You could have your valuable Keywords available wherever the media goes, without Final Cut Pro X.

And that was the beginnings of FindrCat, a $19.99 application that creates macOS Finder tags from keywords. These are then fully searchable in the macOS Finder.

Philip explains:

'We’re hoping it’s an asset management system that’s so simple, people might use it. In a world of Digital Asset Management (DAM), Media Asset Management (MAM) tools, this is more of a “no Mam’” tool!'


Philip demos the 'NoMAM' FindrCat in this video: 


This the first iteration from Phil & Greg, they hope to add more features in the future. Well worth going over to their site for more information. 



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