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Two new plugins have been added to the growing portfolio of products that are available through FxFactory. A pack of transitions from Kingluma and some simple titling elements from Ripple Training.

We always like to give the new FCPX plugin maker a mention here on FCP.co. Well when we say new, we mean a new name as you wills see a bit later. 

Kingluma has released a $49 pack of transitions called Flux. Billed as 'high energy dynamic transitions for Final Cut Pro X, the 24 transitions are made up of four different styles of 6 types of effect. Thankfully the video hasn't been edited to Sideways Like a Crab!


The Flux transitions are available through the plugin management system Fxfactory so you can try them out fro free if you don't mind the watermark. Want to know a bit more? FxFactory has produced this demo video. 


We always like to do a bit of detective work to find out who is behind a name. We will leave the Googling to you, but we were surprised to find out that possibly the writer of these plugins actually works, or has worked in a senior position for a rival plugin manufacturer. Interesting.


On to another plugin developer who needs no internet searches to find out who put the pack together. mark Spencer has written a pack of 26 'simple' or 'flat' style titles called TitleMations, These highly customisable plugins follow the current trend for crisp and clear onscreen typography. They are also on sale at $39, down from the regular price of $49.


As you would expect, there is a watermarked trial to test the plugins out. There isn't a tutorial, there are five! We will post just the one here which concentrates on adjusting how graphics are revealed.