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Getting rid of echo and reverb on audio has been an expensive post production option until now. This new $99 plugin from CrumplePop will clean up your audio in Final Cut Pro X and Adobe Premiere Pro.

We have all had an interview supplied to us of a managing director that insisted that they were filmed in a rather echoey office. Compared to other interviews and voiceover in the programme, they sound like they were recorded in a bathroom!

So how do you you fix the problem? Up until now there were only a couple of audio plugins that would remove echo or reverberation and although they worked well, they were very pricey. Over $1,000 in some cases.

So it is good to see the Echo Remover from CrumplePop is a $99 plugin that does this one job, remove echo and reverberation. It is on special offer at $49 for one week only.

This isn't a licence for you to not worry about voiceover or interview recording conditions, care should always be taken to try to get the best possible sound on location. However, there are many situations where this plugin might just help a lot. From the obvious badly filmed interview through to improving a recorded Skype call or even cleaning up the best man's speech at a wedding!


We haven't tried the demo, but hopefully CrumplePop has reduced the ear-splitting watermark tone that punctuated their recent popular Noise Reducing plugin.

As the product is distributed through the plugin management system Fxfactory, there is a watermarked demo and a tutorial to see EchoRemover in action.




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