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MBS imovie to fcpx

This week's MacBreak Studio follows a project from shooting and editing with iOS iMovie on an iPhone 6 right through iMovie OS X to finishing in Final Cut Pro X. Pretty impressive stuff.

The more we look at iMovie on OS X, the more we are impressed with how much you can achieve in Apple's free editing program. The same goes for the iOS version, but we have a sneaky suspicion that we are only right at the start of what iOS editing apps will be capable of.

Just look forward to November when the iPad Pro is released. Cutting 4K video on this new touchscreen device will put some NLEs running on a desktop to shame. Remember also that custom keyboard that will connect to the iPad Pro! There are hints in iOS iMovie of possible features that might migrate over to FCPX, let's hope the scrolling timeline isn't one of them!

So we think that Apple's trifecta of editing apps working together is a pretty powerful combination. There has been some very clever long term planning going on in Cupertino.

Back to the latest MacBreak Studio and Steve Martin shows Mark Spencer how to transition a project from iMovie on an iPhone, through iMovie and into FCPX. The fidelity of translation from start to finish is pretty impressive.




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