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After 10 days we are back at the column coalface with news from CrumplePop. They have just released an automatic white balancing plugin called AutoBalance. It's on special offer too.

When Final Cut Pro X was first released, it wasn't long before editors pointed out that the automatic white and black balancer (that was in FCPX7) didn't appear in the new Color Board.

Why the feature didn't make the cut we don't know, but the new 'Balance Color' doesn't really cut it when trying to get rid of a bad cast. We are also sure that everybody has had footage from camera folk that has been shot tungsten for daylight and vice-a versa. A one-click solution would save a lot of time in getting the whites back to the centre of the vectorscope.

A fix to this problem is the new plugin called AutoBalance from long-time FCP product publisher CrumplePop. No need to use an eye-dropper or find an area of 'should be white' as this plugin uses an algorithm to do the automatic correction.

Priced at an introductory $39 for a week, AutoBalance will normally retail for $79. Just use the coupon code AUTO-0040-INTR-0915 on checkout.

This is not a plugin made from Motion templates, it is coded and thus as you will find out from the video below, the plugin will also work in Adobe Premiere Pro too.