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From the day of its release, Frame.io the cloud based review & collaboration platform has had great user reviews. It even got top billing on Apple's App Store page. Now there's a couple of updates that add more functionality and they've also published some interesting user numbers.

There are many different online client approval websites or collaborative workflow systems for video. Frame.io is one of them and stands out from the rest due to its tight integration with Final Cut Pro X in the form of a couple of custom export destinations and marker workflows.

Emery Wells, Co-founder and CEO of Frame.io was very kind to share some user statistics:

"We’re excited to announce Frame.io has surpassed 50,000 members from 120 countries, making us the most widely used media collaboration platform in the world."

Good stuff and it also provides us with another indication to the growing FCPX user base out there. We also asked Emery some more questions:


Were you surprised at the very quick uptake of Frame.io?

Im not sure surprised is the right word. When you launch something new, whether it be a new product or a film, you never really know what's going to happen. What we did know is we had poured a tremendous amount of craft and care into our product and we were solving a problem that we intimately understood. Prior to launching we had over 15,000 people signup to be notified of our launch so we had an idea we were onto something people really cared about.

What was the biggest hurdle you had to overcome to achieve such a seamless integration with FCPX?

We had prior experience developing for Final Cut Pro X so we already had a really good idea of what was possible. We knew we wanted to distribute the app through the Mac App Store which locks down what kinds of files an app can install on a users machine. This meant we had to develop workaround to installing our share destination presets. So the hurdles were mostly small user experience things like that.

Can you tell us that largest number of collaborators you have on one account? (Or the biggest thing that frame.io is doing)

We have teams as large as 100 people using Frame.io. Dealing with large teams is an active area of focus for us. Once you get to teams of that size or larger it can get a bit unwieldily so we have lots of great team management features in the works.

Without giving away any secrets, can you hint at what is coming in the future with frame.io?

Our next area of focus is going to center around performance. It's not the sexiest of things to work on but having users in 120 countries presents it's challenges from an infrastructure and performance perspective. We want to make sure everyone is having a rock solid experience with playback and uploads so that will get dramatically better in the coming weeks. Aside from that we have some very exciting product stuff in the works that I can't share :)


Back to the news and back to their updates of the Web App to 1.1 and their Final Cut Pro X Companion App to 1.1. If the FCPX app looks familiar, it is, it was (ahem) launched slightly ahead of schedule, but this is the official announcement.


Frame.io Web App 1.1

  • New Private Team Files & Folders - Hallelujah. You can now set files and folders to be invisible from collaborators.
  • New Collaborator Permissions - You can now restrict collaborators from downloading, sharing, or inviting other collaborators.
  • New Project Sharing - When project sharing is turned on, anyone with the link can join. It’s a great way to invite large groups of collaborators without having to invite them individually.
  • New Real Time Upload Status - Now all participants of a project can see upload progress in real time which can eliminate lot’s of confusion.
  • Expanded keyboard shortcuts - You can now use the arrow keys to navigate through thumbnails. Spacebar to Quicklook, Esc to exit, Enter key to enter the player, and Esc key again to exit the player.


Final Cut Pro Companion app 1.1.

  •  Added support for queuing
  •  Drag and Drop upload from the desktop
  •  Custom export locations allow access to rendered FCPX Media.
  •  Convert FCPX markers into timestamped Frame.io comments.
  •  Added options to choose marker types when exporting only clips with markers.• New reduced bandwidth option



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