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coremelt digital rebellion update nab 2015

Two updates as we head towards NAB. CoreMelt has released a free update to SliceX and TrackX with new plugins and Digital Rebellion's Pro Maintenance Tools can now fix more FCPX Event & XML problems.

Let us start with CoreMelt. Roger Bolton sent us an email saying that five new plugins have been added to SliceX and TrackX. The new plugins add functionality such as auto tracking flares, adding a glow to a tracked area and locking a presenter in one position.

"With this release we were very happy to work with photographer / DOP Remo Camerota to include a set of flares presets that can be tracked and move realistically reacting to the camera movement. We are always listening to our customers and based on their requests also included a new tool to let you track a presenter and lock them in the centre of frame, we know some of you will find this very useful.  We've also done a lot of work under the hood with this release and plan to increase the pace of our updates and new features from now on.

Please stop by if you are at NAB so we can give you a personal demo of the new features.  We are in the Plugin Pavillion SL5805"

More information can be found on Remo's work here.

CoreMelt has also produced a range of tutorials to demo the new features.








Digital Rebellion has updated their excellent $129 Pro Maintenance Tools, which have helped many FCP.co readers rescue corrupted Events, XML and even QuickTime files. 

Jon Chappell from Digital Rebellion explains: We've greatly improved the FCPX event and XML repair capabilities in this version (including a fix for the dreaded "Element audio does not carry attribute ref" error) and added the ability to strip out stabilization data which can render an event unopenable by FCPX. We plan to improve this even further in future updates to target other commonly-corrupted parts of event files.

 FCPX Error

We have had a few corrupted Events over the last six months, so their Project Repair for FCPX looks like it might solve a few issues.

 Project Repair


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