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fcpworks event NAB 2015

So what is going on at NAB 2015 that is directly related to Final Cut Pro X? Sam Mestman tells us what FCPWORKS has organised for those rapidly approaching dates in Las Vegas. Lots of FCPX related presentations and a chance to meet up with Apple representatives! 

There seems to be a lot of excitement about FCPX at NAB this year. Could 10.2 drop before the show? We don't know, in fact we don't even know if it is going to be 10.2 or 10.1.5!

A man who knows more than we do is Sam Mestman from FCPWORKS and he's written a little summary of what they are planning for NAB 2015.


Hello to the FCPX Community!

Sam Mestman from FCPWORKS here and I just wanted to take a moment to talk about what we’re doing with the FCPWORKS Suite at NAB this year. Our real goal with the suite is to create something you’re not likely to see on the show floor… which is a place built around FCPX workflow, the Apple ecosystem, its users, and the best of its 3rd party vendors.

We’re going to be covering just about everything there is to cover in the FCPX world over the three days at NAB:

- Apple Product Marketing will be giving an update on Final Cut Pro X (more details to come… hint: sign up for the FCPWORKS keynote sessions)

- Real world case study presentations Mike Matzdorff from Focus, TED Talks, DirecTV, and the filmmaking team from the indie feature Suburban Cowboy.

- FCPX ecosystem presentations from Quantum on shared storage, FCPX integration with Blackmagic Design, AJA CION 4k Workflow, Data Asset Management with Cantemo Portal, and Broadcast ingest workflow with Softron.

- The best of the FCPX plugin ecoystem will be highlighted with sessions from FxFactory, Coremelt, and Color Finale.

- Philip Hodgetts from Intelligent Assistance is going to be showing off the incredible power of Lumberjack.

- Steve Martin and Mark Spencer from Ripple training are each going to have their own presentation to demonstrate the incredible power inside of both FCPX and Motion. (It has also announced that the editor of Focus ,Jan Kovac will join Steve and Mark for the presentation at the SuperMeet. - Editor)

Emceeing the whole week will be FCPX Grill’s Chris Fenwick, and rumor has it that there’s going to be a pretty cool party on Monday night for the FCPX Community… but we’ll let the guys from Ripple Training break the news on that one.

Our goal with NAB this year is to be the hub for all the things you’ve been wondering if you could do in the FCPX ecosystem. FCPWORKS' mission is to become the go-to pathway for facilities and editors to transition their workflow and find/master the tools required for high end, modern FCPX workflow. When it comes to workflow and integration, we want to be your one stop shop.

The truth is that the world of post production is changing, and we couldn’t be more excited to share these presentations with you. If you’re going to be attending NAB, pop into a session and come be a part of it. And if you’re not going to be at NAB, I have a pretty good feeling you’re going to be able to see a whole lot of what happened in the suite right here at fcp.co.

We’ll see you guys in Vegas… and you can register for the sessions you’re interested in here.



So there you go, If you are interested in FCPX (We assume you are as you are reading this!) make sure you attend their suite at the hotel next door to the South Hall.



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