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MotionVFX has just released mTransition Light, a $49 pack of plugins and light effects for not only Final Cut Pro X, but any NLE that accepts ProRes files. They have also reached a template milestone and are celebrating with a 30% discount until the end of March.

Flares, flashes, shimmers and glows, this new $49 pack of effects called mTransition Light from MotionVFX is rammed full of them. Over 100 light transitions to add a bit of life to a lacklustre production.


We got Szymon from MotionVFX to tell us more about the new transition pack.

"Every professional editor knows the importance of something as simple as a transition between two cuts.

The change from one footage to another can take many different shapes and durations, but it always has a tremendous influence on the overall appearance of the whole edit. It is very important to make transitions look interesting and engaging, but at the same time they have to serve their purpose well and maintain the dynamism of the composition.

Here, at MotionVFX we always keep a close track of the current trends in editing, broadcast and design and with this knowledge we created an absolute must-have for every editor - mTransition Light.

These transitions are carefully selected to fit all sorts of videos, styles and topics, they are dynamic, eye-catching and very spectacular. Your editing work will never be as easy and rewarding as with this incredible set. Choose from 100 transition projects in 4 categories, use a customizable FCPX transition file in Final Cut Pro X or play with 4K Prores 4444 files in any other non-linear editing software. Add some light to your edit, make it lucid, bright and energetic. mTransition Light makes it simple and effortless."


MotionVFX has reached a milestone by releasing their 1000 template. To celebrate they are having a 30% off sale until end of March, just use “motionvfx” code at checkout.



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