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You might have seen him talk about it online, now you can buy it. Mike Maztdorff's Final Cut Pro X workflow book from his experiences on working on the Hollywood feature film Focus is now available.

Probably the only book of its kind at the moment, Mike has documented his workflow experiences as First Assistant Editor on the just released Warner Bros feature film Focus.

If you shoot and edit your own material, you probably won't have come across the logistical problems of organsing, cataloging and updating all the media required for a feature film. Mike has, he's had the problems, worked out solutions (some of them requiring a lot of experimentation and testing) and not only been there, he's designed the t-shirt!

$9.99 gets you 91 pages of workflow practices, tips and tricks and basically the know-how on how to setup a film edit in FCPX. However, it's not a book on how to actually edit a film in Final Cut Pro.

Topics include:

  • The setup and installation of third-party hardware used in editorial
  • A catalog of third-party software used in editorial
  • Pre-production discussions of media management, workflow (and associated testing) and handoff requirements
  • The editorial workflow used on Focus
  • Workflows dealing with visual effects, sound turnovers and screenings
  • A collection of other tips for a successful post

So if you are planning on editing a film from a Focus style budget to no budget, we are sure there will be information in there that will save you time and possibly money. Even if you are not planning to post a film on FCPX, it's still a good read to get an insight into the post production process of a large hollywood feature film.

Mike also appears in our upcoming articles about the post production of Focus, so watch this space!

Buy the iBooks version (read on iOS or a Mac)

Kindle version arriving soon!