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coremelt free plugins

Everybody loves free plugins and yes, we will bring back #freeeffectfriday soon. In the meantime, CoreMelt has just published these free effects online. (Ok we corrected it, it should really be 10 plugins.)

There are quite a few free plugins out there, just take a look at our free plugin section on our Forum. These are slightly different as CoreMelt has successfully used Apple's Mac App Store for delivery.

Roger Bolton from CoreMelt kindly told us more:

"CoreMelt has had free plugins available for a long time, our CoreMelt Free! installer with 39 plugins has been out for years.  We're now in the process of updating all our plugins for the latest capabilities in FCP X and as part of that we'll also be making our products available in the Mac App Store progressively over time.  Look for all CoreMelt products to get new features between now and NAB, and all of them free updates."


Download the free plugins from the Mac App Store.


• Glass Lozenge Left
• Glass Lozenge Centre

• Blocks Fall Down
• Blocks Flip Centre
• Blocks Grow In
• Door Turn Tree
• Filmstrip Fly by
• Glass Lozenges Wipe
• Spike Push
• Windscreen Wipers