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rocket rooster LUTS

Rocket Rooster has released two budget packs of LUTs or 'Look Up Tables' that when applied to footage produce cinema style colour grades. Both are under $15.

We always like to support new products and especially new developers for Final Cut Pro X. Kevin from Rocket Rooster wrote in to let us know about his new set of LUTs for colour grading.

Priced at $5.99 for the basic and $13.99 for the pro pack, these Cinema Colour Packs of LUTs aim to give a cinematic feel to a wide range of footage. The basic pack has 10 looks, the pro pack has 30 looks and LOG support.


We have announced other LUT packs before on FCP.co and they all have one slight problem. Although you can plug these straight into DaVinci Resolve for colour grading, FCPX doesn't accept third party LUTs yet. We have really, really tried to hack our own LUTs into the application and failed. (Alex there's a challenge for you.)

You can utilise the LUTs in FCPX with a small piece of software called LUT Utility. This costs $29, but you might already have LUT Buddy installed as part of the Red Giant Shooter or Color Suite. Either will accept the LUTs for grading.

We were keen to know more about Rocket Rooster and how the LUTs came to market, so we asked Kevin:

"Rocket Rooster was founded by me Kevin Davies. Who am I? I'm passionate filmmaker who started out in comics and animation, quite a few years ago ( manly because of my drawing background ) but I've always had a fascination with film and photography.

While on a trip with my brother I bought myself a little Nikon DSLR, joined a photography club and thats where I got my kickstart into the photo and video world. Like most filmmakers these days, I didn't have much money or at least any I could really spare to go to film school so I would offer my services on set mostly taking behind the scenes photos and doing storyboards. That's how I picked up videography and have been refining my skills and learning new things as I go along.

Rocket Rooster began as a blog, or at least was meant to be a blog, where I could post all my random thoughts about filmmaking and hopefully someone would find it interesting. I didn't think I would really have the time to keep a blog going so that idea started to decay in my “to do” list till one day an opportunity came in the form of some encouragement from those around me to put up some of my resources online for people to buy. One thing led to another and Rocket Rooster was born."


 We will be keeping any eye on Rocket Rooster for more LUTs in the future.


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