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Want to export a section from a clip (or clips) out of FCPX for use in another application? ClipExporter 2 is now live, new features and it's back on the Mac App Store. Thomas Szabo explains all.

Thomas Szabo wrote to us last week indicating that his ClipExporter software had been updated and was about to go back onto the MAS. Monday morning and we are pleased to announce that ClipExporter 2 is available to download for $109.99. There is 19% off until the 23rd of November bringing the price down to $89.99.

You might recall that ClipExporter started life as small $16 application for taking a clip from FCPX into a third party application. It then got removed from the app store and the source code was made public. Keeping the app updated to match Apple's mutating XML and providing support was too time consuming.

Things have moved on and Thomas wanted to update ClipExporter, after all it was a tool he designed to make his life easier! So we welcome back a completely rewritten ClipExporter 2.0.

Thomas explains in these videos and in the text below:


I am happy to announce that ClipExporter 2 is available in the App Store. It took several months to rewrite it and I am excited about some features. For example the linked mode, which rebuilds some kind of "consolidated" timeline in After Effects using the exported and trimmed video files. This is something that I was missing in my own workflows. Also the support for export of trimmed, native RED files that opens the app to a new user base. 

clip exporter 2 2 fcpx


Why I rewrote ClipExporter and made it commercial (again)?

For many reasons:

• Users sent me feature requests that I had to deny because I didn’t use these specific features in my own work. To implement them would have meant a big time investment, which I could not afford. I was hoping for developers to join the open source development and help ClipExporter to grow, but no one was interested.

So ClipExporter did not evolve (on the base of voluntary supporters) and this was sad. ClipExporter is an important tool for VFX workflows in the FCP X eco-system. To ensure its development and support, I had to work on it on my own for months – the only way to achieve this, was to make it commercial again.

clip exporter 2 3 fcpx


• As stated in the "Whats New" video, ClipExporter 1 became unreliable since Apple changed the XML structure over time. Bugs affected especially multicam clips and all I could do was "cheat-fix it" which would not work in the long-term. As a music video maker I use multicams a lot, so this began to bother me. Initially I just wanted to do a bug fix. But soon I realized that parsing the XML from FCPX requires a new and better approach in order to stay future-proof.

It took me 4 months with 10-12 hours of labour a day to finish coding the app and making the demo videos. I hope people recognize the potential this app has. 


• Another big reason was retimed clips. (See above video.) They are a hell to handle and I undertook multiple approaches to support them with the prior version - but I failed each time. In my own work I tried to avoid using retiming, when I knew that the clip has to be exported as a Quicktime file with ClipExporter later. That's a big drawback for creative work and had to be fixed! Finally I found a way to reverse engineer the clip's unretimed duration and in-point.

I'm very happy that ClipExporter 2 now supports the export of retimed clips as video files, even if they are deeply nested inside multiple layers of compound- or multicam clips.

ClipExporter 1 has a very big user base and I hope that ClipExporter 2 attracts more people from the industry. 

There are some features that are still missing and will be added in a later version. Also, please take care about the "known issues", because some bugs showed up when ClipExporter was already in review in the App Store.

A demo version, which is limited to 4 clips and has a trial period of 30 days, is available from our website. ClipExporter 1 stays free.


This could be great timing for Thomas as we have seen today that a possible version of Fusion on the Mac could benefit immensely from ClipExporter. In the meantime, should you want to get clips from FCPX into After Effects, Nuke or even Motion, then this is the tool to use. 

We also think that Thomas is a couple of steps away from producing possibly the most useful third party application for Final Cut Pro X. As he has managed to unpick compound clips, 'unretime' and then trim media, he is not too far away from an FCP7 style Media Manager.

If released, that would be one popular application that we would buy without a thought.

Back to ClipExporter 2 and Thomas has published more video tutorials:


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ClipExporter: The After Effects exporter in depth



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