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sheffield artitude

A new plugin from Sheffield Softworks that emulates various art styles from van Gogh to graphic novels. They also have the scariest icon of any plugin out there!

There are many cartoon style plugins out on the market, some are good, some are pretty dreadful and the prices reflect that. 

Patrick Sheffield from Sheffield Softworks has had some of the better 'toon' plugins out already and now he's combined all his experience into a new product, Artitude.

Artitude is a $99 plugin that converts video into the looks of real-world media such as oil, paint & watercolour and also styles and designs such as cartoons, illustrations, famous painters and graphic novels. The plugin has been written in Quartz Composer and wrapped up into the plugin management system of FxFactory. That means that you will be able to access the effects in Final Cut Pro X, FCP7, Motion, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

If Patrick's name sounds familiar, he wrote the popular book 'How to Cheat at Motion' which uses effect building examples rather operational tutorials to teach readers. The book was written for Motion3/4 but applies to Motion5 as well. We would love him to bring out a new version that explores the extended possibilities of Motion 5.

Back to the plugin and as the product is in a stall at the FxFactory stable, you can download and try out the effects for free with a watermark. (We tried for a while to get an install in a stall joke there but gave up!) There is also a tutorial which gives an insight into how deep the plugin can go and the range of effects it provides. Make sure you check out the PDF instructions too as the plugin can do a lot.