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A new partnership for Crumplepop and a new plugin. This time an audio analysis tool called Spectre Spectrograph. We also have a $40 off coupon code for one week only!

Hot on the heels of their partnership with Dale Grahn and Kojicolor, today Crumplepop has announced that they have teamed up with Audiofile Engineering.

The result, an audio plugin designed especially for Final Cut Pro X that displays the frequencies of sound in a custom GUI. This is so that you can actually see audio problems such as an air conditioner hum in the background and then use the FCPX graphic equaliser to remove those frequencies.

Normally priced at $79, Crumplepop has very kindly given our readers the opportunity to purchase Spectre Spectrograph for the price of just $39, which can't be bad. Just use the promo code FCPCO on checkout. This offer will be valid until the 29th October 2014. we have just checked the code through and for us in the UK, it means the plugin works out at just under £25.

We were wondering when plugin manufacturers would turn their attention to audio, the visual FX side of the market is pretty saturated with products and this makes a logical step. Now, if they were to expand their products to include an inexpensive LUFS meter, we would have it installed by the end of this sentence.






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