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badges smash

A couple of new plugins for Final Cut Pro X in the last 48 hours. A collection of celebrational badges and a smashing (quite literally) new theme.

Let us start off with a new collection of celebratory badges from motionVFX. $49 will buy you 30 'occasional lables' in the mBadges Celebration pack that work in FCPX and Motion5.

Aimed probably more at the home user rather than commercial, the badges range across moments and dates such as Halloween, Christmas, New Year, Easter, Birthdays and many many more. Onscreen controls, lots of parameters in the Inspector and easy text entry make them very customisable.


Onto a new theme by SugarFx released via the FxFactory plugin management system. Priced again at $49, Smash is a collection of customisable templates that loaded into FCPX that allow you to use the graphics to brand video with the Smash theme.

Included in the pack are 15 animated motion graphic elements including an open, lower thirds, titles, banners and transitions. Lots of customisation too so you are not locked into the pre-loaded colours. As with most FxFactory products, there is a watermarked free trial so you can try them out for yourself.


There is also a tutorial to go along with the demo video.


There is also a tutorial to go along with the demo video.