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The App Store will begin to accept videos to demo games or applications and these visual references will be the first media that potential buyers see when browsing the store. Apple has published an article with best practices on how to record your iPhone screen and then edit in FCPX. Some Final Cut Pro X knowledge base articles get an update too.

This new PDF from Apple has quite a few handy hints, not just the obvious ones like using a professional voiceover, but some great information on deliverable sizes. The one item we particularly liked was being able to record an iOS screen via a lighting connector in QuickTime Player. 

Before you rush to try it out, it looks like the requirements are iOS8 and Yosemite, but then again we can't say that we know it doesn't work in iOS7 and Mavericks!

This is a really good example of the use of video gradually seeping into every aspect of our life. It will put the emphasis on the application's publisher to produce quality polished videos as these might well be the difference between a sale or not. And as you know, the bottom line is king.

Apple has also updated a selection of their FCPX knowledge base articles:

Back up projects, events, and libraries

Copy or move items between libraries and hard disks

Restore a library from automatic backups

Manage storage locations

Consolidate projects, events, and libraries

Conform frame sizes and frame rates  (Including information on anamorphic frame ratios)

Compound clips overview



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