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Cast your mind back a year or two ago and it seemed as if everybody & their dogs were releasing light flares. Tangent has gone one step further and released a pack of flares on steroids! Did we mention we have a coupon code too?

Thankfully we have got over the light leak and flare craze that seemed to dominate product releases for a period. But that doesn't mean to say that their isn't room for new products that go one stage further.

Designed by Harry Frank at Greymachine and marketed by Tangent FX, this new pack of flares is called Designed Light Effects and retails for $24.95.


We will let Hank from Tangent FX take up the story:

'With so many lens flare products on the market today, we asked ourselves, what can people do to stand out? So, we threw out the old ideas of simulating a lens, or capturing within a real lens, and started from scratch. If people use lens flares as design elements, why not approach create them this way? So, we created our own elements, our own behaviors, our own types distortion. We rendered all of this craziness and plugged it into Final Cut Pro X.

The package includes 20 effects that are 10 seconds long and 20 transitions, with control over exposure, tint, mirroring, position and scale."

The guys have also very kindly offered our readers a 15% discount code. Just enter fcpdle15 in to the coupon code box on checkout and you will get 15% off. The code should be good for a week until the 7th of August.

They have also produced a short tutorial showing Designed Light Effects working in Final Cut Pro X.




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