✎ Latest Free FCPX Effects

In the last of our video reports from NAB 2014 (Not bad seeing as we were not planning to do any due to lack of staff!) we talk to Peter McAuley from Boris FX who introduces us to BCC9.

They might be one of the oldest plugin writers for Final Cut Pro, but Boris FX don't appear on the radar very often. So an ideal chance to catch up with Peter McAuley, Senior Product Manager at Boris for a run through of BCC 9.

The thing that struck us the most is the price. We think that FCPX editors are used to paying a lot less for sets of plugins, $600 for the FxPlug version seems a bit steep. Boris do sell plugins that you won't find from other manufacturers and if they do a specific job or fix that saves time, money or irreplaceable footage, then they will be worth the money.

Whilst visiting their site, we noticed that their 10% coupon code for nab2014 (all lower case) is still active until 4/30/2014.

As the cross platform plugins are coded, rather than being written in Motion and published as templates, they should perform well in FCPX and Motion, depending on which graphics card is installed. We will take a look at the FxPlug version when it's released.

And a final thank you to Tim who has been shooting the video series for us. We were not expecting to cover this year's NAB with video, so we have to thank him for stepping in and doing a great job. Video is always better than a bunch of words copied from a press release!