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The new Nodes 2 plugin from Yanobox was announced at the Supermeet in Las Vegas last night. Create complex visual animations in Final Cut Pro X, FCP7, Motion, Adobe After Effects & Premiere Pro.

There are product demo videos and there are product demo videos, but nobody is going to say that this new video of Nodes 2 is anything less than awesome.


Very impressive. A lot of work has gone into upgrading the original Nodes plugin, which was impressive itself when released.

So what is new in Nodes 2? 

'Nodes 2 is the result of a complete rewrite of the original plugin from the ground up.

Low-level coding has been used in order to provide a rendering engine that can support 50,000 particles and unique font acceleration. The plugin runs in Final Cut Pro X and Premiere Pro, alongside Motion and After Effects.

Point clouds are now created from primitives, footage, and 3D models, allowing for infinite possibilities.

A couple of animation modules let you quickly animate a choice of destination parameters, mixing them with keyframes if needed. The new orientation system for nodes and text adapts the angle of the elements with Fixed, Look at Camera, Look at Centre options, and maps nicely around spheres as well. The shapes (node images) are now procedurally generated up to a resolution of 4096 pixels, and include new glowing shapes dedicated to particle creations.'

Lots more functionality, but the price has gone up too. Nodes 2 sells for $299, which is fair old hike, but comparable to other generative plugins and scripts on the market.

Nodes 2 is distributed via FxFactory which means the plugin will work across most hosts including FCPX, FCP7, Motion and Adobe's After Effects and Premiere Pro. A watermarked trial is available.

Want to see how it works? There are demo videos for all hosts, but we will concentrate on seeing how Nodes 2 functions in Final Cut Pro X and Motion.

We can see ourselves spending a whole day trying this new plugin out!




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