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A couple of great tips from our Forum. Get a bigger timecode window with FCPX and also an application to enable, disable and remove effects.

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First up is a trick for getting a large timecode window with Final Cut Pro X, Anders Mildestveit posted why and how on our Forum.

"I've read your site daily for a good while now, so I thought I'd share a little trick I came up with today since I haven't seen this done anywhere else.
One of the things I miss from Avid in fcpx is the nice big scalable timecode window. This is quite essential when you work in a team where more people need to be able to see the timecode. As far as I know the only solution in fcpx is to add the timecode plugin on your clips and scale that up.
Today I stumbled on an Apple app called "Pixie" from the "Graphics Tools for Xcode" which is found on Apples developer site. This app can enlarge a part of your screen and display it always as the top window. 
Just start the app, go to settings and turn off "Enable Development Mode" to get rid of the overlays, scale your window to your size and choose zoom level.
By default it follows the mouse, so just aim at the timecode and lock the axis with CMD+X and CMD+Y. If it gets in the way, just select it and CMD+H to hide it. Or just move it... 
The numbers are quite low res from the scaling, but it is probably better on a Retina. Not a perfect solution, but a good tip I think!"

pixie timecode big fcpx


Also on our Forum, Andreas Kiel came up with a solution for enabling and disabling effects.

Few days ago there was a thread about showing hiding FX. Same time I got some mails from FCP users whether my old tool for FCP would work with FCPX.

This old one wouldn't work cause of the differences in XML. But since 10.1.x the XML's features come closer to those ones from legacy – teen though Apple states that they aren't perfect. But finally I decided to bring back my old app to new life.

The app searches for everything which XML internally is an "effect". The count of usage, the name, the user visible type and the FCPX internal usages are listed. Optional you can show the clip names which do use a certain "effect" – except for transitions. Selecting a clip name will set the clipboard to this name and you can use the "find" in FCPX,

The app allows to enable/disable "effects" or just to remove them. These actions are immediately saved to the XML.
The XML can be imported into FCPX and will create a modified copy of the timeline

Please go to his post to download the application.

X-FX Handler


A big thank you to Anders and Andreas, if you want to get the tips first, make sure you subscribe to our Forum!


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