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You can tell NAB is not far away as the press releases have started to roll in. Roger Bolton from Coremelt will be there and he's promising some exciting new features for Track X and Slice X. He's very confident you'll be impressed.

We're already impressed with Roger's plug-ins that track items on video using Mocha technology from Imagineer Systems.  He e-mailed us with some exciting news about what he's going to show at this year's NAB.

'CoreMelt will be demoing at the Imagineer Systems booth again this year.  We will be showing a sneak preview of some exciting new features coming to TrackX and SliceX.  These features will be free updates to all existing TrackX and SliceX users and to anyone that buys between now and NAB.  At the moment we can't say what they are, come along and check them out.  CoreMelt will also be at the FCP Supermeet at the Riviera on Tuesday night.'

We asked him if he could tell us any more and we were rather delighted with his response.

'I can only say that the features / workflow we will show at NAB will enable the types of effect that would previously have been done on online systems costing $100K plus to be done inside FCP X for $99.'

Roger is more than happy to answer questions and demo the plugins personally on the Imagineering System's stand #SL331. Or you can catch up with him during the Supermeet at the Riviera on Tuesday night April the 8th.

Coremelt has also just released three new tutorials about adding labels to a scene, adding steam or sparkles to tracked motion and finally, screen replacement in Final Cut Pro X.


How to create Fight club IKEA label effect and animated text tracked to backgrounds in FCP X


Adding Steam, Sparkles or Flares to tracked motion inside FCP X


Screen Replacement in FCP X using TrackX powered by Mocha




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