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No such thing as a free lunch? Maybe this time that old saying isn't true, as Matteo Curcio has published a free FCPX shortcut cheat sheet to download.

We love shortcuts. Can we remember them? No. Yes we have colour coded keyboards, but nothing beats a hard copy printout next to you.

We saw this on a few Facebook groups this morning, Matteo Curcio has very kindly designed and published an FCPX shortcut cheat sheet in a PDF format.

The direct download is here:

Apple Final Cut Pro X Cheat Sheet PDF

As you know we have a constant battle against inconsiderate link strippers republishing stories we take time to find. So it is only right that we link to the original Facebook page.

Final Cut Pro X Editors

And of course Matteo's page. If you find the PDF useful, then we are sure he would appreciate a like.

Matteo Curcio

Thank you to Matteo, it has set us the challenge of whether we could drive FCPX via the keyboard alone! We must also mention that there are a few other cool ways of getting those shortcuts into your head.