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Another new exciting niche of companion applications has started with OverlayPro from Videotic. Use an iOS device to record speed and altitude and then overlay the statistics in FCPX.

Another great example of the expanding ecosystem that has grown around Final Cut Pro X. OverlayPro from Abko Wijma at Videotic is a $0.99 application for iOS that records speed and altitude. The data is then exported and brought into FCPX in a new event where it can be overlaid on top of the matching footage. The graphic style can then be adjusted to suit. The iOS device doesn't have to be the device recording the video, footage from any other cameras can be a matched up afterwards.

Abko makes a much better job of demonstrating the app the we do writing about it:


A few things struck us about this application. 

First of all it is a great way to get altitude and speed data overlaid on to video. This could be perfect for sports videos, as long as the participant is carrying the iOS device. How great would it be to see the speed data overlaid over one of those wingsuit videos?

Secondly, a natural extension of this application would be to plot the position of the device on a map. If the combination of OverlayPro, Apple Maps and FCPX would all work together, producing moving maps within FCPX could be possible. How great would that be.

We had a quick email conversation with Abko and he is hoping to add the facility to drive motion graphics such as a speedometer overlay. Only the internal workings of FCPX are stopping him. He's also very open to new suggestions for the app.

Our minds are blown with possibilities this morning!