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At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, a whole session was dedicated to FCPX. Sam Mestman and Noam Kroll both gave excellent presentations on how they use FCPX.

If Sam and Noam sound familiar, they are. The have both written very popular articles right here on FCP.co.  

Sam Mestman is the Chief Workflow Architect for Lumaforge which supplies services to the film industry. He wrote the most quoted article:

FCXP in Bulgaria a New Definition of Professional

Noam Kroll is an independent filmmaker who has just submitted a film for consideration in the Sundance Film Festival. He wrote the very popular article:

Sundance Submission Brother Sister Shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Edited in Final Cut Pro X

Sam And Noam are very similar but they are also different. One works on big budget feature films and the other shoots and edits his own productions. One thing they have in common is the understanding of how FCPX has made their job easier, freeing up more time for the creative process itself. 

Let us start off with the presentation from Sam who takes us on a tour of the benefits of using metadata within FCPX. Michael Horton also does a very interesting poll of the attendees that evening.


After Sam, Noam Kroll described his workflow for making his Sundance submission. He describes how the media (which was shot on a Blackmagic Cinema Camera) was brought into DaVinci Resolve before being edited in Final Cut Pro X. 


Two cracking presentations from the recent LACPUG and we have to thank Michael Horton for making them available online. If you would like to know more, do check out their articles.

More from Sam on FCP.co soon!



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