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final cat pro plugins

Not a typo, but a new set of six plugins from Final Cat Pro. These are not templates, all six add extra functionality to the editing process in Final Cut Pro X.

A Monday morning and we have got excited about a new set of plugins from Final Cat Pro. (Not a typo and yes it made us laugh too.) The set of six plugins that sell for $29 are not the traditional type of template wrapped Motion files, but scripts that work in FCPX to add extra editing functionality.

Brothers Jeroen and Jan Willem from the Netherlands got frustrated by a lack of operational commands that they needed within Final Cut Pro X whilst editing their documentaries. So they decided to create their own!

So how come nobody as done this before? We have been editing with FCPX for over two years now and these guys are the first people we know of to add extra tools with scripts that work within the app. The brothers confess they are no programming experts, but they have twigged how to harness the power of Automator to make life easier.

This opens up a fantastic world of possible custom script building for FCPX and we are sure that this set won't be the last you will see. The guys win our FCPX expert badge for this week.

The six plugins are Memory Bank, Quote & Note, Affiliated Clips, Reveal Selection, Split Edits and Open in Timeline. Let's have a quick look through all of the plugins before Jeroen den Bok focusses on them one by one.


Memory Bank: With this FCPX plugin you can store five positions and visit them later when you need them. Very nice if you search through your sequence and loose your orientation. Or you can compare multiple clips. Or jump back and forth to the clips you want.


Quote and Note: With this FCPX plugin it is much easier to tag interviews with the right quotes and notes. So if you need to write out your interviews or provide more information to clips than a few words, this plugin is your solution. It saves you a lot of valuable time and makes you feel in control with big projects.


Affiliated Clips: With this FCPX plugin you can copy, paste, adjust white balance & mute audio to all the same source clips in the timeline with a shortcut.


Reveal Selection: With this FCPX plugin you reveal your selection of a clip in the timeline to its source clip in the Event Browser with the exact in and out point.


Split Edits: With this FCPX plugin you create a split edit with the click of a button. This b-split will extend the audio of the left clip under the video of the second clip.


Open in Timeline: With this FCPX plugin you can open any clip from anywhere into it's own timeline. Perfect if you want to check your clips from the Event Browser.


We would love to hear from editors who have tried these out, please use the comments section below. 



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