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Free effect friday Aug8

Another #freeeffectfriday although we should really call it free effect fortnight as we didn't post last week. Nevermind, time to catch up as we have four great new free Final Cut Pro X plugins to download.

We are posting four plugins, but they are two sets of two from two plugin developers.

Idustrial Revolution has published the FCPX free transition X9 Glitch Flash. If you've ever watched daytime television in the UK, then you'll know that this type of effect is very popular. The incoming and outgoing media get stretched either vertically or horizontally with a glowing flash over the top. The effect works on video, stills and graphics. The effect also recognises the alpha channel.


The tenth free effect or plugin from the Idustrial stable is a clean, sharp, automatically animating template called X10 Infinity Stage.  The template animates media rising out of an infinity stage or colour selected cyc. There is an option to toggle off the build in/out animation and also a fully adjustable line of text too. The plugin is a title, so all the user has to do is sit the layer above any footage that's wanted in the box. Want to change shots halfway through? Not a problem. 


We have given up counting how many free plugins Alex4D has built, but we think that an FCPX icon shaped cake with 100 candles on it isn't that far away. He's also got two new plugins.

First up is a lower third title called Alex4D leaves. He hasn't gone anywhere or been fired, he's refering to the animation which resembles leaves being blown away in the wind. Lots of options to blow the text on or off in a direction of your choosing.


Last but not least in our list for this Friday is Alex's latest graphic generator called Alex4D Shape Grid. This is a very flexible pattern generator that draws a grid of shapes and animates the colours over time. Lots of stuff to tweak and lots of creative possibilities. 


And that's your lot until next week, maybe the week after!


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