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crumplepop skintone

CrumplePop has just released a new plugin for Final Cut Pro X that corrects skin tones back to their natural colour. They are also offering the tool at a discounted price for a short period.

You can tinker around with many colours in video, but the one shade that will attract viewers attention that something is wrong is skin tone. We are used to seeing this shade every day, probably every second, so its representation on-screen has to be right.

CrumplePop's new $75 SkinTone plugin for FCPX restores skin colour back to its normal look. There are only two controls in the plugin, temperature and tint. By adjusting the the two, it should be possible to correct skin tones back to normal if for example there was a problem shooting under different colour temperature lighting.

There is also a rather nifty skin tone reference card, which is basically a collection of headshots so that you can compare your tones to a select range of people on Von Luschan's scale. A people Pantone swatch!

CrumplePop are offering SkinTone at a discounted $39 (normal price of $75) for a short period only. Last time we looked at the ticking countdown clock, there was a day and 18 hours left. Which means the offer will run out sometime on Thursday.

There's a promo video:


And also a demo video of SkinTone in action:


And also a demo video of SkinTone in action:



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