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light iron live play

Following on from the BulletProof DIT & workflow tool from yesterday, we were interested to see the $9.99 iPad app Live Play from Light Iron in action. Yes it's metadata time!

We love discovering new ways in which third parties extend the functionality of Final Cut Pro X, so we were very interested to find these new videos from Light Iron.

Branded as 'Video assist gets personal' there is no doubting this app's usefulness as it has already been used on The Amazing Spider-Man, Total Recall, Pirates of the Caribbean 4 and more. Granted, the producers probably didn't post produce those on FCPX.

So what is Live Play? It is a $9.99 iPad application that receives streamed media from the free Light Iron Server. 


The files first need to be encoded into H.264 and then they reside on the Light Iron Server for streaming. After that it's up to you to go through the media on the iPad adding the metadata.

The app & server have been produced as low cost add-ons for Light Iron's DIT mobile setups, but there's no reason why the combination can't be used on its own. Just think how useful being able to access any take from any scene on set via an iPad would be.

So what happens if you have two directors viewing the footage and making separate comments? Michael has published a video that shows how FCPX's search can filter the clips, again using metadata.


We are interested in using FCPX for post production so the job of a DIT and the workflow isn't something that we come across every day. What we did come across was this rather superbly orchestrated walkthrough from Light Iron showing their products in action. 




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