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ctrl console fcpx

It was funded on Kickstarter and is now ready for download and purchase on the iTunes store. CTRL+Console brings advanced Final Cut Pro X control to the iPad.

It was a great idea and the demo was shown at trade shows to drum up interest. Well, interest was easily drummed and enough was pledged on Kickstarter to get this app funded and to market.

The development got rather overshadowed by the parabolic life of a 'me too' product, so it is good to see this app is now available for purchase.

The app is based on the fact that keyboards were developed for typing and yes, the letters were laid out to avoid typewriter keys clashing when working it too hard. The use of a dedicated control surface should have exactly the opposite effect. The writers have spent a lot of time designing each app controller layout to give the required amount of real estate to each function.

Does it look a tad familiar? Of course it does, it borrows some of the design from the Lightworks controller which borrowed some of its design from a Steenbeck flatbed film editor. Will a Lightworks controller be available soon we wonder?

The good news is that CTRL+Console is a free download which has basic features to control QuickTime movie playback. 

There are two in-app purchases that bump up the functionality for Final Cut Pro 7/X and Adobe Premiere Pro. 

$29.99 each buys the Final Cut Pro Editor / Adobe Premiere Pro Editor

ctrl console FCP editor


$4.99 each buys the simplified Controller for Final Cut Pro X/7 and Adobe Premiere Pro.

ctrl console FCP controler


We have said before and we will say it again, we still think that using a keyboard with shortcuts is the quickest way to work an NLE. We are happy to be proved wrong, so please let us know in the comments below if you have any first-hand experience of CTRL+Console. YouTube videos of the controller in action would be most excellent.



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