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When Final Cut Pro X was launched, there was no place for the FxScript plugin architecture that featured in FCP7. CHV Plugins has just released Text FX V2.0.0, a completely redesigned pack of text effects for Final Cut Pro X and Motion 5.

FxScript, the built-in effects language for FCP7 was great for plugin writers who wanted to develop their own products. When Final Cut Pro X came along, it of course meant the end for FxScript and plugin writers had to use the much more complicated Xcode method or build templates in Motion.

CHV Plugins has a large library of FXScript plugins and although they have been quiet over the last year, their products are being converted from FxScript to run on FCPX. This new pack has been coded and will therefore run in Motion as well as FCPX.

Text Fx Version 2.0.0 is a $75 collection of text effects that range from vertical & horizontal credit rolls, sub titles and even letter emitters.

  • Credits FX
  • Sub-Title FX
  • Letter Emitter FX
  • Bezier Text Pro FX
  • Highlight Text Pro FX
  • Lissajous Text Pro FX
  • Spiral Text Pro FX
  • Scaling Text Pro FX
  • Typewriter Pro FX

Yes we had to Google Lissajous too.

Normally we would post a video of the plugin in action, but we couldn't find one on the CHV Plugins site. Hopefully one will get posted soon and we will add it to the article.

What the plugin does have is a very comprehensive 129 page PDF that explains each parameter within each plugin. Although the screengrabs look slightly old fashioned, it does show that the set of plugins have a tremendous range of adjustable effects. 

Whilst some of the text effects might be easily reproducible in Motion and also some of the examples look a bit cheesy, we think that this pack might just have the most sophisticated credit roll for FCPX out there. Alas, it looks like there is no free trial for users to give it a test drive.


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