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There was much speculation when Technicolor decided to withdraw their Color Assist plugin. Was the technology bought by Apple? Was it a victim of a patent dispute? Did it not sell? We asked the question and got an answer.

As sad as we were to see Technicolor's plugin withdrawn from the market, we must admit to being entertained by the different possible suggestions to why it had happened. Short of aliens or Elvis being involved, the fourms were packed with many different answers to the plugin's sudden demise.

As we said in our previous article, we are no 'grassy knollers' and the bottom line is normally the bottom line. Or in other words, it didn't sell too well.

This seemed to be backed up by a communication we received directly from Technicolor:

"Technicolor is about finding solutions that will benefit its customers, which means that we are always developing solutions based on new ideas and bringing those ideas to market. Sometimes we find that bringing those solutions to market doesn’t have the kind of impact we initially desired and thus we must make the business decision to allocate those resources elsewhere in order to better serve our customers. The creative community is extremely important to us and we are taking what we've learned form Color Assist in order better serve them. We look forward to continuing to focus on this community and offering solutions that keep them moving forward."

It is no secret that Technicolor has had a rough financial time recently. The Stock Market crash in 2008 produced a cliff in their share price and in the last few days they have announced a large refinancing deal. 

So Color Assist was the victim of a company who had to trim their overheads. The plugin wasn't yet self financing and it probably got shot down by a cost saving policy. 

Will we see the plugin or a similar product return? It's possible, but with customers having had their fingers burned once, (even though they handled the withdrawal very professionally) it will be a while before they regain trust with editors and the access to their wallets.

Final Cut Pro X editors who love colour grading but hate the Color Board, don't panic. Colour correction plugins for FCPX are like buses and we're sure there'll be another one along soon. You never know, Elvis might be driving.



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