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The popular skin smoothing plugin Beauty Box from Digital Anarchy has been updated to version 3 and it's just been released. It's also at a discounted price until June 30th.

There are skin smoother plugins and there are good skin smoother plugins. Beauty Box 3 falls into the latter category and it's got even smarter, producing better results with the new release. The plugin automatically analyses the footage for skin tones, creates a mask, and then smoothes out the skin while retaining the texture. The video editor only needs to dial in the amount of smoothing on the first frame and then render it.

"With this release we had two big goals, improving the retouching and add presets to allow a variety of styles and looks." said Jim Tierney, President of Digital Anarchy. "The retouching is now faster and better than it has ever been, creating a more accurate skin tone mask under varying lighting conditions. We've also added 40 different styles, so you can apply all sorts of great effects to your video." 

All good stuff, but you will probably remember that we caught up with Jim at NAB this year and got him to give us a demonstration of Beauty Box working on Final Cut Pro X.


New features for Version 3 include:

Better Masking: The skin tone mask algorithm has also been rewritten for a better automatic mask. It still uses face detection, but now incorporates other algorithms for a more precise mask.

Beauty Box Styles: Add style to your video, by applying any of the over 35 preset effects.

Faster Rendering: Further optimisations of OpenCL mean Beauty Box Video renders faster than ever on AMD or Nvidia GPUs.

Shine Removal: This has been improved, so you can better reduce the hot spots caused by bright lights on shiny skin. This feature dramatically reduces the effect of poor lighting conditions.

Digital Anarchy have also got a special deal that runs until June 30th. The regular price is $199, but is on sale for $149. Special upgrade pricing will also be available until June 30th: $59 for upgrades from version 2.0 and $99 for upgrades from version 1.0.



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