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mlogo motionvfx

Run out of ways on how to present a client's logo to make it look sexy? MotionVFX has just released a second pack of logo animations for Final Cut Pro X and Motion5.

If you are like us, you've had to work with some very dull logos, ones that don't translate too well to video either. MotionVFX has just released mLogo2, a $49 pack of 30 animations for FCPX and Motion5 that will add a bit of life to even the dullest of corporate shapes.

Szymon from MotionVFX explains:

'Fully customizable features let you drop your logo and enjoy the animation. It's a great "saving butt" collection for those who work close with the client or those who are looking to make their logo shine.'

He's made a pretty whizzy demo video too.


There is also a tutorial video from the first pack of logo animations, but the process for using the templates is the same.