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coremelt BMCC DSLR FREE FCPX plugins

Are you shooting on the Blackmagic Cinema Camera or using a DSLR with a flat picture profile? These two new free plugins from Coremelt will help get the start point on your grading right.

Coremelt has just released an update to the video stabilisation plugin Lock & Load that now comes with presets for the Blackmagic Cinema Camera rolling shutter.

Roger from Coremelt also gave us the news that they have just released two new free FCPX plugins that will help editors with footage shot on the BMCC or DSLRs.

coremelt BMCC DSLR FREE FCPX plugins 2
DSLR Deflat is a plugin that has been specifically designed to reverse a flat shooting setting such as the Technicolor CineStyle Profile.

BMCC Deflat does the same and provides a preview of footage within Final Cut Pro X with the correct curve applied.

These two plugins will give editors a great way to edit with footage that looks correct, rather than having to sit there and look at flat picture sall day long! An adjustment layer with the plugin can easily be removed before sending the project off to DaVinci Resolve. 



Iain Anderson and Roger Bolton have put together this tutorial on using the Blackmagic Cinema Camera and Lock & Load. It contains some great shooting tips and talks about the flat picture styles near the end.


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