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myfiles fcpx

myFiles a a free application that allows you to make an external list of all media that is involved in a Final Cut Pro X Event or Project.

Andreas Kiel has written some great applications for Final Cut Pro and now FCPX. myFiles is a free utility that is part of his X-Files Pro project which will offer advanced maintenance and management tools for FCPX.

Using myFiles is pretty simple, it performs a database query looking for linked source media in any 'CurrentVersion' file.

Andreas explains:

The user options are very limited: you can open any "CurrentVersion" file view and can save the result. Additionally you can double-click a selected row to either reveal it in Finder or view it in it's default application

To analyze any "CurrentVersion" file just drop them either onto the application's icon or directly into the table view of the interface.

Click for larger images

myfiles fcpx-1 small

This allows for example in case of a project file to check which events are involved, whether the original media is found and to find the drive they reside on.

In case of an event you can see where the original media is found and the drive they reside on.

myfiles fcpx-2 small

You can click any column header to sort the table.

Saving a "dump" of the sorted information just press "cmd-S"

myfiles fcpx-3

The saved tab-text files can be used with simple databases to track project and event changes or the data can be imported into an application like Numbers or Excel.

myfiles fcpx-4 small


We have to thank Andreas for providing this analysis tool free to the FCP community. We can see it being of use to anybody who produces versions or has a high involvement in media managing.