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flarelight PHYX

Light flares and anamorphic streaks are very popular. This new plugin from PHYX won't break the bank at $49, but it will get you those light effects on your video.

Some people love them, some people hate them, but there is no denying that light flares are a very 'in' look at the moment. Recent films such as Star Trek have used them in nearly every shot!

PHYX has released FlareLight, a $49 plugin that produces adjustable lens flares and anamorphic streaks. Other effects included in the pack include MegaGlow which does what it says on the tin, a star field generator called StarGen and a random noise generator called TrueNoise. 

The effects are written in Quartz Composer and distributed via the Noise Industries plugin management system FxFactory. This means that all the effects under one licence will be available in FCPX, Final Cut Pro 7, Motion, Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro. A watermarked free trial is available.

No showcase video on the site, but Noise Industries have produced a demo video showing Flarelight in action.


Anamorphic Glare

This powerful new plugin simulates glare of anamorphic lenses-- blue streaks blooming from image highlights. This look was unintentional at first, and has steadily become desirable and trendy. Anamorphic lenses can be expensive (some can cost more than a new car) and heavy (some weigh more than 15 pounds). Get this hip look at a lower cost without the weight.


LensFlare is a powerful yet intuitive filter for creating Lens Flares complete with anamorphic flares, realistic prismatic effects, programmable glints, corona, beams, and more. LensFlare makes the process of creating lens flares simple, with on-screen controls to move the lens flare in your scenes.


Sometimes we all need a really good glow filter. Not always, but when we need it, it has to be maximum-strength, and have control over the glow shape. We proudly present MegaGlow, the uber-glow crafted to fit your glowing needs.


StarGen is a powerful starfield generator to simulate stars. Perfect for sci-fi projects, night scenes, etc.. This plugin will make you see stars :) We use MegaGlow after StarGen to give the generated stars realistic glow.


TrueNoise is a powerful noise generator plugin to create walls of flames, lava, 3d water displacement textures, and many other effects. We usually add MegaGlow to TrueNoise to give vivid glowing life.


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