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Editing a growing clip whilst ingesting has been pretty common practice with FCP7 for a while. Trying the same with existing replay based streaming solutions and Final Cut Pro X is a different story. MovieRecorder from Softron however allows you import a clip while it is still ingesting and we are super excited! Essential watching if you produce live events or quick turnaround shows.

Back in the FCP7 days, it was Picture Ready, an app from a small developer that opened up the possibility of editing a file whilst it was still in record. You could start to edit the highlights of a football match as soon as the referee blew his whistle for kickoff, not half time. It really was the Holy Grail of editing sports on an NLE.

It wasn't long before TV replay behemoth EVS realised that this application was very clever and it offered a unique solution that they didn't. So IMX streaming in SD and ProRes & DVCPROHD streaming was added to their range of replay machines with the addition of more expensive hardware. It's a robust solution and works well, but much to our chagrin, EVS streams don't work at all with Final Cut Pro X and they don't seem in any hurry to fix it either. 

We don't need to worry as MovieRecorder from Softron allows open ended clips (i.e. still in record) to be opened in FCPX and editing performed as if the stream was a regular clip. This means that the use of FCPX on live sports shows or any production that requires a quick turnaround is now possible.

You could say that we are a bunch of doubting Thomas's here at FCP.co, we have been promised many things that have failed to be delivered. So we were very excited to catch up with Pierre Chevalier from Softron who showed us MovieRecorder in action playing back a clip in FCPX 4 seconds after it was being recorded.

It gets better as the multichannel app will allow the automatic creation of a multicam clip in FCPX - no syncing!

MovieRecorder is available from Softron at $999 per channel. 



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