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Demoed at the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group is Lumberjack. It's a real time logging application that inputs the data into FCPX and Final Cut Pro X. No Monty Python gags either.

One of our moans about most productivity tools is there is that there is no real substitute for actually watching through your material. Logging the data whilst filming is different and Lumberjack allows keywords and comments to be added in any browser compatible device on the fly.

Philip Hodgetts interviewed host Michael Horton at the recent LACPUG and Gregory Clarke used Lumberjack to log the interview. The files then got matched up in FCPX to produce a logged interview. Real time logging is nothing new, many people have seen banks of monitors running EVS's IP Director and junior staff clicking on grids of predefined keywords. There's a huge a price difference between the two, even though Lumberjack hasn't been released yet it is not going to reach the stratospheric pricing structure of our Belgian friends.

(As we write we still think that open or closed EVS streams imported into FCPX don't work)

Where is this going to be useful? It's slightly unclear if you can log without being connected to a server. If you take along another member of the production staff to log, we can see this being of great use in single and multicam interviews if you have that connection.

For sport, it is going to be less useful as the system doesn't do a real time update into FCPX. If you are doing post after the event it will save time, but it's not a tool for the rolling edit. If you think we are being harsh, we've tried a lot of logging systems and only a few are up to the rigours of broadcast television.

Back to the demo of Lumberjack and enjoy Philip interviewing Michael on how the LAFCPUG started. It just might suit your workflow and let you sleep all night and work all day.




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