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There are a lot of Final Cut Pro X plugins out there, but there is also a core group of people who develop plugins and publish them for free download. Cartoonizer 2 is new to an expanding portfolio of free effects from one such writer.

We have featured Fox Mahoney's work before on the frontpage here on FCP.co and his new plugin gives us a chance to give him and his excellent work another mention.

Over the time period FCPX has been out, Fox has been contributing free effects to the community on a regular basis. His newest creation is called Cartoonizer 2 and as you can probably tell from the title, it gives footage a cartoon look. Version 2 has been under development for over 15 months. You can download the effect by following the link to the free section for effects on our Forum. 

It is not got going to give you a perfect cell shaded end result, but it will stylise your footage enough for a title sequence or for a background to lay graphics over. There are many commercial plugins out there that charge for a lesser result.

Also bundled in the download is an effect that will fake the framerate, i.e lowering it to enhance the cartoon effect.




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