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Two plugins in two days isn't a bad record for Tokyo so far this month! Chrominator is a $49 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that takes a logo or text and adds a glossy bevelled edge.

After the utility ReAnimator yesterday that fixed blemishes and dead pixels, the next plugin up from Tokyo will appeal to those who want to make plain graphics a lot sexier.

Chrominator is a $49 plugin for Final Cut Pro X that adds a glossy metal bevelled edge to graphics. It does more than just a static edge, animated lighting moves to give that lovely patterned shine across the object.

There are seven different presets in the pack ranging from sharp & soft gold and silver to brass. These can of course be used as starting points for your own custom settings. Also included is a tool for extracting the alpha from graphics that don't have that essential key cutting channel.

If you want to add a bit of 3D depth to a graphic then this looks like a very simple, inexpensive and quick way to add a lot of gloss to graphics. The effect also works on text generated within FCPX. The plugin uses the FxFactory plugin management system and a watermarked free trial is also available.

There are two videos from Tokyo, we think the tutorial shows more of the plugin in action. 


The second video shows the presets to be found within Chrominator.




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